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Guilin tourism "to eat, live, line" early know

Date: 2014-01-23


1, guilin cuisine mainly hot and sour, staple food is given priority to with rice.Guilin restaurant industry more developed (people all say guilin "delicious"), a variety of grades and restaurants everywhere, mass consumption good and inexpensive restaurant;What need reminds is, some bad taxi rhetoric to introduce visitors to the so-and-so characteristic restaurant in order to get high kickbacks, pay special attention to.

2, guilin people's breakfast with rice is given priority to, the hotel nearby can have breakfast, you can talk with hotel front desk or locals about understanding;Each flavor of rice noodle shop will be different, but as long as it is more patrons, are worth tasting.It is strongly recommended that not to taste the rice noodles in the hotel!

3, group meal relatively general, the so-called "all tastes", but we will according to the characteristics of the different group reasonable adjust the taste, try to meet the demand of tourists.

4, team dinner for ten people at the dinner 8 dish one soup, the staple food can be added.

5, in order to prevent water and soil defy, LaoChenCu before eating can drink or eat raw garlic.


Inside the city limits, various grades of hotels is more, under normal circumstances can completely meet the requirements of tourists, but the golden week and tourist season accommodation is nervous, please book in advance.

2, compared with those of downtown yangshuo, longsheng, LiPu hotspot tourism county, surrounding the hotel less () and the price is higher than city, and the size of the hotel is relatively small, especially in yangshuo, various types of hotel is very much, but every weekend or holiday, housing will be very nervous.

3, the same class hotel will because the location is different, the price gap, such as hotel, yangshuo near west street is expensive, but not living in some farther from the west street hotel is not convenient, because the yangshuo county in itself is not big, so the hotel "cost-effective" relatively high!

4, as a professional travel service providers, we and guilin hotels maintained good relations of cooperation for a long time, so, through this website booked hotel is to save time in worry.


1, guilin city area is not large, as a result of the limitation of the natural geographical conditions, the urban road is narrow, motor vehicle boom over the years, the roads are so crowded, one-way road, and parking space nervous, self-drive tourists need to pay attention to the traffic signs;

2, guilin taxi fare 7 yuan, fuel surcharge of 1 yuan, can take a 2 km (feels a bit less), take more than 2 km but not more than 4 km per charge 1.60 yuan RMB/km (100 m for the measuring unit), by more than 4 km 2 yuan/km.What need reminds is, don't be fooled by a few bad taxi rhetoric, such as restaurants, tea houses, entertainment venues, they commonly used method is not to your fare or charge you rarely fare).

3, the city of guilin, the scenic spot between drive time is shorter, a little attraction between of fubo hill - DieCaiShan) (such as journey time as long as a few minutes, is very easy.

4, to go to guilin yangshuo, longsheng, nanning, beihai regions such as the drive for a long time, specific as follows:

Guilin/yangshuo is 65 kilometers, along the picturesque, driving time 70 minutes;

Yangshuo/LiPu 45 kilometers, 50 minutes driving time;

More than 120 km/guilin longsheng hot spring, as the winding mountain road, along the way, can enjoy the unique folk customs, about 2.5 hours driving time.

Longsheng hot spring/dragon ridge terrace 35 kilometers, to appreciate the unique folk customs, driving for 1 hour,

Guilin/sing-an 60 kilometers, traffic is good, about 1 hour driving time;

Guilin/resources 120 kilometers, the part for the winding mountain road, about 2.5 hours driving time;

Guilin/nanning 480 kilometers, the highway all the way, about driving time. 5 hours.

Guilin/north sea 680 kilometers, the highway all the way, about 7.5 hours driving time;