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Guilin startup information consumption and "broadband" guilin to urban construction projects

Date: 2014-01-13

On January 9, the reporter learns from the municipal ministry committee, the state ministry of industry in the recently released the first batch of national information consumption pilot city, district (county) to be included in the list, guilin became one of the first 68 pilot cities across the country.
What is "information consumption"?This is a kind of directly or indirectly with information products and information services for consumption activities of consumers, the covers production, consumption and living consumption, management and other fields.While information consumption industries including information services (such as voice communication, data and Internet access services, information content and application services, software, etc.), information products (such as mobile phones, tablets, smart TV, etc.), based on the information platform of e-commerce, cloud services such as fuel consumption of a new mode of information service.
Guilin succeeded to be included in the pilot cities, is the tourist information consumption in recent years to the characteristics and represents the information consumption in the city to achieve rapid development, now has become a leading new residents' consumption, improve enterprise competitiveness.According to data provided by the city's appoint, in 2013, guilin information consumption is expected to total 13.4 billion yuan, up 17.5% from a year earlier.Among them, the telecom infrastructure services consumption scale up to 3 billion yuan, information technology such as software, system integration, information consulting services revenue reached 1.1 billion yuan, based on the Internet, e-commerce and other information consumption scale to 9.3 billion yuan.
As the pilot work from officially launched this month (to the end of December 2015), guilin comprehensive start this city, the national information construction work.How to use the opportunity of the construction of the pilot cities, to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, upgrade build guilin economy, it is worthy of our thought.10, the reporter visited the relevant departments and sections of the enterprise, the pilot work has carried on the preliminary understanding.It is more convenient to travel more easily
"Get on the bus sleeping, parking pee, attractions, returned home what all don't know", this is when people is to participate in organized tour experience;In after this way of tourism, a lot of people feel not get leisure, but tired.
Now, "tour" of the traditional tourism has been abandoned by more and more young people, instead, Tours, road trips, high iron to swim.New tour mode also has some disadvantages, however, due to the asymmetry of information, people buy is common when you travel scenic spot tickets, booking hotel, difficult to find a restaurant to eat, and some domestic famous tourist areas such as hainan even broke many times rip off events, the serious influence the consumers' rights and interests, also damage the reputation of the local tourism industry.
"In the information age, the development of the tourism enterprise must keep up with the trend, to speed up the tourism informatization construction, to provide consumers with better service."Guangxi lijiang river international travel service co., LTD., general manager of digital FengJinYun said, in order to development of information technology, after years of research and development, introduced by CITS lijiang travel "cloud" smart services support platform.This platform can make consumers in scenic spots, hotels, restaurants, achieve seamless docking between crack the problem of asymmetric information.
Reporters into the showroom of CITS lijiang, experience a cloud platform.
Under the guidance of FengJinYun, reporters using a mobile phone to brush the qr code in the showroom, mobile phone, immediately pop up CITS lijiang tourism platform of cloud;Platforms, elephant trunk hill, reed flute, xishan scenic area at a glance, then click go in, is a scenic spot ticket prices and detail.
FengJinYun said, through this platform can be straight