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Pillowed the landscape of guilin to fall asleep

Date: 2014-08-11

Hotel experience
Self-drive, on the way to guilin in guangxi, the characteristics of karst landform has been quite obvious, past peaks, sprawling, distant mountain, near the mountain, layer cascade folds, like an ink painting in sight. I want to, can look at the mountains, even if, one day sitting estimates also can see. As a matter of fact, after the shangri-la hotel in guilin, I can look at the lijiang river water, mountain, see all day stay.
Report [experience] scenery of guilin landscape into private
Choose to stay in guilin shangri-la hotel, because on maps, the hotel is located on the side of the lijiang river, the geographical position is quite good. Into the hotel, found that the hotel will be more such geographical advantages developed to get incisively and vividly. Spacious tall hall, a whole wall of be born glass, sitting in the lobby bar, the scenery outside the window is at hand, luxury hotel to "guilin landscape of guilin" into your own private views.
The whole architectural style hotel has strong Chinese wind, and in the lobby outside the garden also implied the Chinese elements. In my free time, take a walk in the garden, or seen sitting in a pavilion pavilion outside the small fish. If wanting more, also can go to the river, see mountain, see water, also see the local people's life.
Intimate, everywhere
We stay in hotels is furnished room. Stood by the window, can see the lijiang river flowing leisurely manner, the distance is past hill, nearby is the hotel garden architecture. Guest room, the bed is soft duvet pillow, bathroom shower and lavatory are independent of each other, everything is just right, is sweet, but let you don't feel the slightest deliberately. Sitting on the sofa, looked at the scenery outside the window, the holiday is so nice.
[practical information]
Play: guilin scenery landscape has long been known for its very famous, but there are visitors don't want to stay, actually in guilin is a city worth around slowly. Guilin now in addition to a lijiang river ", "three mountains and two holes can also vigil lakes it, see the landscape with the perfect fusion of the city. Guilin many caves, privately say only choose one of the two visit is ok, don't need all seen. Increased compared with before, the reed flute cave inside the 3 d image, the result is right.
Food: sweet palace to recommend the Chinese restaurant, taste is suitable for guangdong tourists. Chinese restaurant and snack buffet at noon, each only 128 yuan, can taste the dozens of dim sum and snacks, the lijiang river shrimp is delicious.
Transportation: from guangdong to guilin the transportation is convenient, in addition to the plane and the train, the drive is a good choice. Guangzhou along the two wide such as high speed, wide, high speed, high speed can reach all the way, just more than five hours. Most importantly, along the way scenery is pretty good.