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Experts advise the guilin tourism product design to attract young people

Date: 2014-09-24

City tourism in guilin hotel "lecture of tourism marketing and management innovation", which are held in Taiwan lion lion group travel Huang Xinchuan immigration department general manager with the city's tourism industry personnel, to share the lion group tourism business model innovation, tourism product experience in marketing management strategies.
Taiwan lion group lion travel service was founded in 1977, turnover of RMB 6.88 billion, 2008, 2009 travel agency assets of 45 million yuan, since 2005 has been in Taiwan tourism in the first place, lion travel websites in Taiwan travel website first. In addition, the travel agency is also Taiwan group has the largest number of travel agencies in guilin tourism.
Huang Xinchuan argues that today's tourism has entered the stage of experience and the life of tourism enterprises must according to the changing needs of tourists, to design individuation and diversification of tourism products, to win the market and tourists. When it comes to how to innovation and development of guilin's tourism, Huang Xinchuan said that guilin's tourism products to design diversity of leisure vacation younger products, change of guilin tourism has always been just visit impression to the person in the past, the main attract young people's tourism products, create and stimulate the development of new tourist market.
"Guilin is not a lack of resources, but lack of packaging, especially lack of packaging has a bright spot." Huang Xinchuan micro film, for example describes in detail how to carry out innovative guilin tourism marketing. At the end of may this year, taken by guilin tourism cooperation with Taiwan lion group of guilin's tourism publicity film release in Taiwan "the first step in guilin. "The micro film depicting the young people, not only introduces the guilin landscape, more introduced the guilin leisure experience tourism products, such as rock climbing, cycling, mountain climbing and so on, this kind of packing at once catered to the tastes of young people." Public film just one month, Taiwan lion travel agency took more than 1200 people, the vast majority are young enough to see the benefits of a successful tourism marketing.
Assistant mayor, deputy director general of China national tourism administration, the personnel department Yu Chang countries and wade, head of the brigade enterprises participated in the various activities in the city.