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To the hands of guilin tourism must not miss

Date: 2014-10-02

Guilin refers to the triple gem is the traditional typical representative of local products, respectively is: guilin sanhua, chili sauce and guilin fermented bean curd. Three sanhua is the representative of Chinese rice wine is known as the king of wine, is the pride of guilin. Three sanhua is high quality, in addition to using clear ChengBi, no odor impurities lijiang river water, the high quality rice, could the selection, but also because of warm in winter and cool in summer in the caves of guilin special storage conditions, only by making more alcohol and fragrance. Guilin fermented bean curd is a representative of the white fermented bean curd, far in the song dynasty, guilin fermented bean curd is very famous. Make fermented bean curd piece of small, smooth soft texture, surface, orange, transparent, taste delicious, sweet, rich nutrition, increase appetite, help digestion. Guilin varieties due to different ingredients have different hot pepper sauce. With the ingredients of garlic is chili garlic sauce. Add lobster sauce as lobster sauce, hot pepper sauce is usually with high quality top chopped chili, garlic and stir in lobster sauce, add three sanhua and fine salt, etc., sealed into the altar, after months of the beginning. Guilin chili soy sauce, spicy and sweet and tasty, edible table already, also can be used as seasoning.
Osmanthus fragrance
In addition to guilin sambo, but also is recommended for everybody osmanthus fragrance. Osmanthus fragrance also has a lot of different class, expensive can spray in the body, many tourists prefer small with a fancy bottle of perfume, prices generally 10 yuan / 3 bottles, although the price did not dare to use besmear in the body, but used in chest is very practical. Compact, easy to carry and set of guilin's tourism is very good.
Control of guilin in guangxi county has 200 years of production history, it is to choose the old duck and duck, rice seed duck by the gut, unique recipe for pickling, upper and dozens of working procedure such as plastic production, finally, drying and a half months or so, it can be eat steamed, its taste is pure fragrance. Practice and there are many kinds of control, can use bamboo shoots, dried vegetable steamed, like can also dry beer stew pot, all kinds of taste as long as you like can try to do it well.
For fructus momordicae
, yongfu county is the birthplace of siraitia grosvenorii and producers, has 200 years of cultivation history, 1995 countries have been named as "township of the Chinese herbal tea". Herbal tea contains abundant flavours and a variety of beneficial trace elements and amino acids to human body, cool taste gansu, non-toxic, is listed as a rare about material. The modern medical proof, fructus momordicae of bronchitis, acute or chronic diseases such as sore throat, asthma, colds, high blood pressure has significant curative effect, and the best recipe for prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease, vascular sclerosis.
Guilin lipu county made taro bigger, nutritious, the taste in small domestic prestigious. After put it sliced, Fried in pork to make the "braise in soy sauce pork with", special flavor, not greasy meat, is a MeiYao at a dinner party. Put it cooked peeled, hot pot, add fat, sugar, a small amount of milk powder, taro into milk, soft sweet taste is sweet; With fish, meat, chicken, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, etc, oil Fried, crisp and refreshing.
The horseshoe
Mainly from guilin ping le, LiPu, ling chuan, sing-an county, pingle county of the horseshoe is the most famous, because almost no industry, not contaminated, the scenery is very beautiful, kind of out of the water chestnut world class. The city's annual output of about 100000 tons. Its cultivation history of at least 170 years. Guilin horseshoe large particles, thin skin, flesh, sweet, crisp, fresh color, less slag, larger weigh 35 grams each.