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Walking in the delicious in guilin

Date: 2014-11-11

We have some evening arrived in guilin in mid-may, staying at the shangri-la hotel in guilin city huancheng north 2. Hotel is opposite the lijiang river, look, really have an endless open at ease. Only seven floors, hotel floor fan out all rooms, geared to the needs of the lijiang river, the purpose of this design, obviously is to get more guests can have sitting on jiang's pleasure.
And thought that the trip one of the important purposes of --, guilin rice noodles, wait until the next morning canfeel, amazingly, in the evening in the hotel Chinese restaurant, had first met. Chef "hall do" a pot of disturbances, rice noodles, flowing exquisite technique, has the exquisite outlook, but did not cover up the real flavor, everybody JiZan delicious, more developed early in the morning to go to the street the next day to find the idea of "folk" rice noodles.
Rice noodle shop is a favorite haunt of guilin people solve three meals a day. Advocates goodness rice flour and tang burden rice noodles, is the famous two stores. In guilin, once out of the guilin city, cannot be regarded as authentic guilin rice noodles.
Colleague's local girl Anna told me that every main road of guilin city have a advocates goodness rice shop. And in every store, guilin rice noodles - one or two by two valuation of 2.5 yuan, only 3 yuan.
The source of the "burden rice noodles", because once upon a time in guilin city, selling rice with their burdens, the selling form of the guilin rice noodles first is away, people still kept a kind of call "burden rice noodles".
Guilin rice noodles are circular powder, more similar to guangzhou shahe powder of flat. On the day of the rice noodles are pulping now do, can eat out absolutely fresh rice milk flavor. While practice keeping powder, flavor powder, the former after disturbances, to join the rich ingredients such as marinated beef, roast pork, the latter soup with water, is the first selection of "light".
In a tourist point of view, love rice noodles in guilin, the happiness of life is very high, not only can be seen everywhere in the city of castle peak, at any time to do this mountain climbing, hiking, treat life is very carefree. They walk always seems to be deliberate, and very good, although not the sea, but prefer seafood. Downtown is every weekend, upscale hotel cafeteria will be flooded with local guest, clad in about.for they, together with imported seafood, this is one of the few other cities.
Perhaps carefree city personality can also affect international hotel, we had found a garden outside the hotel, although only one and a half acres of land, but hotel attaches great importance to the "reservation", is hiring a vegetable farmers do, resolute don't add fertilizer, grow vegetables, fruits and spices, all the edible.
According to the hotel's general manager, in addition to their own pollution-free vegetable garden, guilin ingredients is also quite safe -- -- the whole of guilin is just like a big "village in city", no heavy industry, also does not have many obstacles on the logistics, vegetables transport time is almost negligible, is fresh to eat.
Yushan bridge next to the hotel, I see, every evening, a lot of the big man on the railing, slowly will hang down to the river fishing bait! This is a "spectacle" of in the city. The river shore every night has a large number of people go to swimming, BBQ, party, is really busy leisure.
The second stop: yangshuo, encounter a river, xing ping
Keywords: grouper, LiPuYu, vegetarian restaurant
In 2000, guilin scenic spots appeared again after the new development, after guilin by former US President Bill Clinton called "beautiful girl" in tattered clothes, is appropriate.
"Eight mountain land a monohydrate" is used to describe the guilin. According to the guide, if on a per head to "points", guilin everyone can "points" to a mountain. It is these countless mountains, to get it to lijiang river water is different from elsewhere.
As early as the tang and song dynasty era, guilin has water sightseeing activities. Now in the city tour lijiang, can participate in standardization of the yacht; Family outings and economic conditions permitting, also consider the following high-end choice --, shangri-la hotel reservation private custom "lijiang supreme unfettered" luxury package, including two late check-in executive suite, free breakfast and executive floor exclusive privileges, take exclusive yacht tour lijiang river (90 minutes), the hotel executive chef will also follow to yachts, the top gourmet cooking. Package price of 9999 yuan, in the process of 90 minutes of the li river tour, and playing the guzheng, kombucha tea.
I live in guilin city, experience, can have a better quality of accommodation, also don't affect gameplay. Guilin is a good station, can be to the north, to the county, where the rawmand park is very popular with families. Or, east to the famous resort of yangshuo, xing ping on foot.
Take a bamboo raft tour of a river is a popular project. May have just a few heavy rain, meet the dragon river water potential is very high, bamboo SPAR hold almost to the end, water is more urgent. On both sides of the green mountains all the more like the ripples on the water, but couldn't help worry about bamboo raft will turn to.
In yangshuo west street to eat two meal, left a deep impression on us.
Most people in the west will be specialty beer fish, in fact, the beer fish far from zebra fish hot pot delicious. In west street, on the second floor has a hotpot restaurant called "west seed spot fish", is guilin locals also flocking to restaurant. Climb up to the second floor balcony, overlooking the west street. There are many, the specialty of the local forest products, local products can try, such as lipu button up meat, ShaWo lijiang river snail, etc. However, signs of zebra fish hotpot is the most wonderful --, the chef meticulously boil off at milk white fish soup, scoop up thin fresh fish fillet, add a few seconds, dipped in secret sauce, is simple but very delicious, let you can't help but eat a again.
West street and there is quite a style is a vegetarian restaurant, named "impressions of fluidity," vegetable shop is almost an art, and each has a story, is a favorite place small endowment, literati, upstairs there are rooms for check-in.