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Don't do tourists in guilin

Date: 2014-12-14

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Although the main purpose of tourism or people to travel, but not for the purpose of sightseeing holiday, is on the rise , it is also quietly changing the way people travel .Club Med is that people entering the Chinese market demand for resort travel .The official opening of the C lubMed Guilin Resort , also marks the old scenic Guilin , a visit is no longer just a destination , the resort of Guilin changed to allow more people to slowly savor the landscape of Guilin , a scenic old upgradeinevitable .



Guilin 's landscape + French romance

The new resort occupies 46 hectares of picturesque Guilin karst melt and modern art as a whole, with great accuracy .Stroll in the resort , you can see , the resort is surrounded by limestone peaks of more than 50 seats , M arcH ertrich & N icolas A dnet design studio carefully selected local materials to build the resort furnishings and lighting, and fits perfectly into fashion in the local cultureFrench elements.In particular, the design of a number of selected works of art from local artists .Welcome Center not only provides reception services , also has travel outside the village center with a C lub M ed boutiques and art galleries.The overall design with black granite , with bright red paint with gold metallic embellishment its elegance ; panoramic floor to ceiling windows surround the picturesque Kanas panoramic landscapes and sculpture park views , such as an affordable shadeslandscape painting .

Guests can choose Chinese red theme of the room according to personal preferences , or blue- green themed rooms with local minority costumes inspired design.Rooms in the artistic elements also include the creation of large-scale Chinese -inspired design theme bedside backplane ; desk with drawers carved with fine detail painting ; traditional printmaking decorative border designs so that TV becomes a work of art ; every roomthe artistic director of an entire wall of the local Taiwanese living on the ink landscape painting .But amazing thing is that this collision color decoration , but reflects a French romance , so this is Guilin C lubM ed special.



Completely relaxed state of mind to stay C lub Med

In ClubM ed Guilin , there is a social center, called A telier.Here , that is, three meals a day , and is the theater , parties, bars are concentrated .Theater has 626 seats , a different show every night , there is drama , there are the flying trapeze ; after 21:00 theme parties , more people experience the holiday revelry ; while during the day , in the resort , you can ride a bikealong the mountain road , the shuttle in the landscape ; you can also play rock climbing , you can also swim in three different styles of pool.

Children's paradise

All children are VIP Club M ed , designers inspired by local culture Guilin create one of their children's wonderland , creating different themes for different recreational activities in four children ages customized children's club , including the "Osmanthusjungle " ( 2-4 year-old children club ) , " wildlife and Lijiang River rafting " ( 4-7 years old mini club ) , as well as " cormorant fishing views " ( mini club 8-10 years old ) .There is also a mini club Club M ed 's first children's shallow paddling area.


C lubM ed Guilin resorts, stay an average price of 1,700 yuan per person per night .

There are 330 rooms in the resort , located in the hotel wings .A refined lounge , tea houses , libraries, noodle bar ( ie, provide a variety of pasta ) from operations and after dinner every afternoon after lunch until late midnight snack .

Have written , photography : Southern Reporter Zheng Haihong


The Ritz-Carlton opened in Chengdu

Southern News reporter XIAO Yang October 9th , Chengdu Ritz -Carlton official Kaimennake .Chengdu is the Ritz-Carlton The Ritz-Carlton hotel group in China 's first nine , the Asia-Pacific region 19 hotels .

According to reports , the hotel is located next to the city center in Chengdu Tianfu Square , occupying 41 floors to the top part of the R & F Center towers , with the city's highest and most spacious rooms, a total of 353 rooms , Executive Floor Room 113 , in which 55 are suites.Traditional Street School Lane, room design inspiration from Chengdu , guests will be able to stay to experience the unique culture of Chengdu tea , including tea, welcome reception , spa treatments before the ceremony began , the delicate tea room with seven different teaand FLA IR air bar unique tea cocktails.

Wanda Beijing Jiahua brand presence

Southern News reporter XIAO Yang recently , Wanda Hotels & Resorts Management Co., Ltd. announced that the tenth one " Wanda K. Wah " brand Chinese management will be January 1, 2014 stationed in Beijing .

2013 Wanda Hotels and Resorts is the rapid development of the year, the company will be opening nine self- brand hotel , seven hotel commission management ; 2014 , the company will have 39 hotels and 34 entrusted management self- branded hotels in the country; until 2015 , the company 's proprietary and entrusted management of the hotel will reach 100 .Wanda Group announced this year that it would spend 700 million pounds to build five-star hotel in London, the next 10 years , it will build Wanda hotel brands in the world 8-10 gateway cities .

Green Oriental first into the Xishuangbanna

Southern News reporter XIAO Yang September 27, 2013 , Green Oriental Plaza Xishuangbanna splashing officially opened , is located in Xishuangbanna GreenTree first hotel .Green Oriental Hotel GreenTree late 2011 launch of the 4-star boutique hotel brand designed with the beauty of oriental king gas, unique style, advocating green , healthy, high quality of life , most of the room price at 300-600 yuan .

According to reports , Green Plaza Hotel is located in the East splashing Xishuangbanna Xishuangbanna Menghai Road, Jinghong City No. 2, West Double Twelve commercial plaza, surrounding finance, dining, shopping , entertainment and many other public service facilities.The hotel has 212 rooms, including deluxe standard room, double bed , landscape bed room and other room , while also meeting rooms , a gym , a restaurant and free parking.Hotels near Jinghong prestigious splashing Square , New Dai Li , the famous Songkran have held a grand ceremony at the Plaza splashing each year , people here enjoy splashing revelry.1 km less than that at the back of the hotel is famous for Asia's fourth river --- Lancang River , Riverview Hotel room wide open , allowing you to see and feel beautiful face Lancang Lancang moist .

Hilton Guangzhou Tianhe is launched Italian semi- buffet lunch

Southern News reporter XIAO Yang Hilton Guangzhou Tianhe is intended River Restaurant (ILPONTE) launched a new Italian-style semi- buffet lunch , guests can optionally specify a main course and drinks , the rest of the salad , cold cuts, soup , dessert , bread werecan enjoy a buffet .

Reporters learned that the hotel is half Italian buffet lunch price was 158 +15% service charge / person, served from Monday to Friday , 11:30 to 14:30 .We team of chefs prepare daily for guests to choose from as many as 7 of the entrees , the menu of three series and rotate once per week , including bacon and creamy pasta, pizza queen , spicy seafood pasta, mushroom risotto,Seared salmon with mustard potato wedges juice ; buffet section can be used romaine , lettuce , olives and other fruits and vegetables, homemade organic garden salad , but also in the cold cut tray area selection smoked chicken breast , ham or beer gut and other Italian food flavor experience; including soup mushroom soup , pumpkin soup , vegetable soup and other flavors , but also intends to Herb face black olive bread , Italian bread sticks, Italian bread, a variety of classic crispy bread .

Italian banks launched a new Italian restaurant half a buffet lunch for family gatherings with friends , enjoy buy 3 get 1 free ; two peers , guests can enjoy a birthday card with free Italian semi- buffet lunch ; over 65 years longthose friends, also 50% discount with ID ; children under 12 years 50% discount , 5 years old free tasting better .

Kande International Hotel Huizhou held " Malaysia Food Festival"

People will go out more and more , so international cultural exchanges will be more and more cultures is a necessity.