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Big fun place for guilin Teach you National Day golden week how to play in guilin

Date: 2015-09-30

Another year National Day golden week, the plan you are ready to travel? Guilin is famous for its beautiful scenery, the li river, elephant trunk hill, yangshuo west street is a famous scenic spot of many known to outsiders, but in fact, the beautiful scenery of guilin is much more than that. In recent years, rapid progress in the development of guilin, and constantly presents visitors with a new view.
Reporter made a special trip to collect contributions for you, in the National Day golden autumn guilin with you feel different.
City tour: environmental riding bicycle Walking leisurely swim
Every year National Day golden week, guilin is a sea of people, the resulting traffic pressure. If you choose is the way drive or rent a car to visit guilin urban area, so the hard to avoid congestion. In order to avoid the traffic jam, when visiting scenic spots in the city, you may wish to choose green and healthy way of riding or walking, may find different beauty.
S recommended one: several big scenic spot loitered on foot can reach more leisure
Xiangshan, seven stars, riverside, city, and is "lakes it" and so on several big scenic spot of tourists to guilin will go to several places. Elephant trunk hill is guilin "chenghui"; Rock karst lava landscape as the main characteristic; Riverside scenic spot of fubo hill, folded brocade hill left the footprint of the many celebrities; Jingjiang city is the most complete domestic protection of Ming dynasty Francisco palace; And collection of guilin landscape beauty "lakes it" round-the-city water...... These are the essence of guilin.
This major scenic spots in the downtown area, and the scenic area between not far away, a 20-minute walk can be reached. So, if you want to experience "slow swim" the fun of guilin, try walking tour of this a few big attraction.
Window: area "tourism feast"
During the National Day golden week, the reporter understands, this a few big scenic spot for tourists carefully prepared meal "tourism". Xiangshan scenic area during the National Day host plants vs zombies, live-action flying chess contest interesting interactive projects, kicking shuttlecock, rubber band skipping, etc; Seven star scenic area will be held in "international tourism culture festival"; "Lakes it" scenic spot at the edge of the banyan decorated with colorful lanterns to meet the quartet guests.
S recommended two: cycling tour Health embrace nature
Since last October, was introduced in guilin public bicycles. At present, the city's public bike site with 106, a total investment 3000 vehicles, most of the sites and sites between 500 meters apart. Most of the scenic spots in the city has a public bicycle, visit the city visitors can choose to ride the way each scenic area, health and environmental protection. According to understand, guilin public bicycle has specifically for tourists by the day car rental, visitors just identity CARDS by accepting the 500 yuan deposit for rental card can use public bicycles. The daily rental fee is 30 yuan.
Highlights: LuGu Village eat food YaoShan to admire the beautiful scenery
If you choose to ride a bike to visit the scenic spots in guilin city, in addition to the downtown area of xiangshan, seven stars, binjiang, city and "lakes it" and so on several big scenic spot, you can also choose to ride to the reed flute is relatively far, LuGu Village, YaoShan scenic spots.
LuGu Village and cave are located in the peach taojiang river, the distance is relatively close, if ride from the city centre to the two scenic spots, it takes 20 minutes, 30 minutes. LuGu Village is new rural model with the characteristic of leisure tourism in guangxi, the lu family, such as tofu food culture unique charm attracts visitors; Reed flute is regarded as a "ambassador hole", guilin is vips will visit scenic spot, National Day golden week, cave scenic spot also held mickey Minnie to accompany you through the forest, the guide flash, and other fun activities.
YaoShan about 8 km from the downtown of scenic spots, is the highest peak of guilin city. During the autumn, the mountain red maple BaiZi tender and golden yellow green, don't have a taste. Yao at the foot of the mountain and the nation's most complete Ming captaincy tombs --, jingjiang tomb, large scale, unearthed in the legendary plum bottle.
S recommended three: old new business circle shopping mall + leisure choices
If you have enough time in guilin, might as well have a shopping Tours. In recent years, guilin has built several commercial plaza, in addition to the original red street in downtown business circle, lian da plaza, commercial plaza, wal-mart shopping plaza, this year also opened wanfu square, wanda plaza, new desire to inspire visitors more beer and skittles.
Lian da square, red street business square, wanfu square in the south of guilin city, wal-mart shopping plaza in the north of downtown, wanda plaza is located in the east of the city, from the city center to reach several sites in 15-20 minutes drive, to take a bus to go to is also very convenient.
Window: new wanda, ave done "one stop"
This year new wanfu square and wanda plaza is the good choice of the tourist shopping. Wanda plaza, brings together the wanda department stores, wanda IMAX studios, super big player music field, wanda king baby, crown supermarket a few major trump card and many well-known brands at home and abroad, covering all beer and skittles and purchasing business. 20, 23, 28, 36, 204 road bus directly to wanda plaza. Wanfu square is set shopping, entertainment, catering, leisure and vacation multi-function as one of the new commercial circle, such as to ave square can bus 5, 11, 12, 68, 28 bus.
It is reported that National Day period, guilin will hold a few big business district features, welcome visitors.
Colorful window: cap rock scenic area activities
In 2015 the National Day is the lijiang river rock scenic spot on the 20th anniversary of the opening day, is also home to cap rock scenic spot of lawn first HuiZu Township guilin lijiang folk customs town on opening day. To celebrate the arrival of the festival, the lawn HuiZu Township and cap rock scenic spot will jointly launch preferential gratitude and participatory activities. Citizen tourists can first color the lijiang river in guilin bike path first experience. Ride a tired, can go to the lawn essence of lijiang river walk, have a rest, but also to the fields picking fresh grapes, oranges and other fruits. In addition, any year, born on October 1, tourists can apply to cap rock scenic spot free tickets on the day.